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Postdoctoral Fellow

Sebastian is a geoscientist with interests in sedimentology, geohazards, and energy transition. He holds an MS in Geology from UT Austin (2015) and a Ph.D. in Geology from Colorado School of Mines (2020). During his doctorate, Sebastian investigated several deposits resulting from submarine landslides to better understand how fluids interact with these deformed deposits in the subsurface. Sebastian is particularly interested in coupling the deposits of submarine landslides with the triggering mechanism(s) (e.g., earthquake, gas hydrate dissolution, etc.) and advancing the identification of preconditioning factors for submarine landslides. Sebastian joins the Sediment Mechanics Laboratory as a 2021 Geoscience Future Faculty postdoctoral fellow to investigate the genesis of weak layers in marine slopes. The goal of his research is to improve geohazard and geotechnical assessments in marine environments.

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